UniQuote is a customer-driven company that focuses on delivering the best Quotes for customer-friendly financial products and services.

Wondering how to find cheap insurance rates in the market? Well, UniQuote has conducted deep market research in the initial days of its inception and has concluded several factors that affect the customers in their decision-making process. Due to the higher insurance rates in the market, maximum wage earners decide not to go for insurance. They are left with no better options and this lack of good options often turns out to be a negative point. This needs to be changed and this idea led to the formation of UniQuote company 7 years ago.

UniQuote is here to stand by the customers and is a completely customer-driven company. It aims to provide you with the cheapest rates for Solar Products, Debt relief funds, and insurance within the least possible time.  We innovate and implement continuously and rigorously and that is one of our primary goals. With more than 7 years of expertise in the field, UniQuote is the company you can trust upon. 


We always strive to do the right thing irrespective of the situation.


We exist because of our customers. Customers are our first priority.


All our products and services are 100% genuine and authentic to the core.


We maintain a transparent relationship with our customers, always.


We are committed to providing the best solutions in the least possible time frame.


Innovation and implementation have been our goals and form the baseline of our company.

The benefits of choosing UniQuote

We aim to build a secure environment for the customers, where they will not hesitate anymore to invest in their financial needs and will be able to secure themselves in the long run as well.

We promise to deliver the cheapest insurance rates in the least possible time.

No hidden clauses. We maintain transparency in our work.

Market experience of more than 7 years. We understand the insurance market better.

We stand by our customers and provide them with the right insurance options.

Freedom to buy a policy with the customer's preferred mode of payment.

Insurance quotes from multiple companies in just a few minutes.

Why Choose UniQuote?

We believe that everyone should have access to their financial and personal health stability. To achieve these two goals in life, people should be given the option and freedom to invest without thinking about money and the hassles. UniQuote was built on this ideology that common people should be facilitated with the right solar products and insurance options so that they can financially stable and content. Insurances are the need of the hour today and we help our customers in buying the best insurance policies in the market.

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UniQuote's Founders

UniQuote team is proud to have some of the best minds of the country in the same panel. We have an expert and highly knowledgeable team of developers, insurance experts, agents, and market researches who work tirelessly to provide you with the answer you are seeking.

Rohit Ajmani


As the co-founder of a successful Ad tech company, Rohit Ajmani is the architect behind the strong foundation of Eruptic. It was his vision to improve the status of the Financial Services industry by setting up a clear plan with actionable steps and a holistic approach for his associates. Rohit’s leadership guides the company through his passion for online marketing and social advertising.

Rohit Ajmani has spread his wings further and plays the significant role of the Chief Executive Officer for Viral Sparks. It was his goal to set up a platform to bring social influencers, media buyers and advertisers together to form a mutually beneficial relationship that engaged both traffic and monetization. Viral Sparks stands tall on Rohit’s vision to decode the true essence of social advertising and bring it to the pedestal where it is accessible to all.

Rohit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology with a specialization in Electronics and Communication. He is a first generation entrepreneur and started his own internet marketing company at the young age of 19. Technology has always been his driving force and stepping into the field of website and app development was a natural step. He strives to excel in his field of work while simultaneously staying open to new avenues which will open new doors of success not only for himself but also his trusted team.

Sahil Walia


Sahil leads the technology architecture and product development for Eruptic, Sahil and his team are building the bridges that will connect millions of people to the financial solutions they need for peace of mind and quality of life..

His idea of revolutionizing the world of internet marketing was the driving force behind bringing storytelling and marketing together to create business-changing content. Being involved in every step of innovating new ideas keeps him churning his creative wheels and makes him a participant of the brainstorming process instead of a spectator.

He gravitated to the entrepreneurial world as a student of a Bachelor’s program in Technology. His specialization in Electronics and Communication came handy when he laid the plan for a platform, Viral Sparks that brought influencers and media buyers in contact with advertisers to facilitate traffic and monetization. It was Sahil’s knack for technology that showed social advertising in a new light and brought it to dinner table conversations.

As the Director, Sahil Walia has stepped into the role of a problem solver for his team. Using the power of technology, he pushes the boundaries to innovate methods that establish efficiency. He swears by the importance of creating an environment for creative minds that nurtures new ideas. Sahil looks up to Michael Jordan and lives by his quote, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Vipul Taneja


Vipul Taneja is the fuel behind the rocket speed venture of Eruptic, Inc. As a co-founder, he has brought his valuable experience and self acquired skills to the startup. He has had immense success with his past internet marketing ventures, which is the driving force behind his strategic planning for Eruptic.

His Bachelor’s degree in Technology came in handy when he decided to step into the digital arena as a Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte. The turning point came when Vipul stepped up his game and ventured as an entrepreneur for the first time and has now turned into a start-up junkie. He started from advertising and moved into business development through his untiring dedication but he credits strategic alliances for his recurring success.

As the CEO of a successful performance marketing company, Adsparkx Media, he has already proved his mettle in the field of online marketing before venturing out into the financial sector. He owes his entrepreneurial success to Peter Drucker’s famous words, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

When he is not busy building partnerships, Vipul attends conferences where he shares with others what he has learnt in the field of marketing and advertising to help out those who are trying to make it in this internet age.

Nipun Taneja


Armed with extensive digital experience and data analyzing skills, Nipun shoulders the foundation of Eruptic, Inc. His idea to give the financial and lead Gen industry a makeover with technology and strategic planning is the vision behind Eruptic, Inc. Under his guidance, his team works towards achievable goals through strategic steps that lead to holistic success.

Nipun is also the co-founder for Adsparkx Media, an internet marketing company that is steadily climbing the numbers. It was his belief in the power of the internet and innovation that has garnered him success in his past ventures. Nipun believes the reason behind a company’s success is teamwork, after all, "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."

Though he started his career as a Workday Integration Consultant at Deloitte, Nipun soon found his calling in entrepreneurship. . Analyzing and processing data statistics comes naturally to him which helps him stay involved in the profit generation of his ventures at every level.

His belief in creating a free environment where ideas bounce off each others’ heads has given him a team of dedicated individuals who tie the company together. He invests his faith in innovation, marketing and networking to ensure smooth sailing.


Our team is designed to address our customers and their issues

Our people represent the company

UniQuote is a customer-oriented company and customers form the baseline of the company.

Our team of experts are continuously monitoring the needs of our customers and are working hard to provide them with the best insurance quotes available in the market. UniQuote is heavily involved in innovation and technology. The team of experts aims to promote a realtime innovative platform for Solar panels requirements, Debt relief funds, insurance policies, and enables a proactive communication channel with the best agents.


Satisfied UniQuote's Customers


Insurance Companies in the network


$ Saved in Insurance

Together We Build Dreams

Interested in investing in your first-ever insurance?

Want to know more about us? UniQuote has made a name for itself since its inception in the market and we have successfully helped numerous customers in getting their first-ever insurances. We have our offices at various locations across the country. Feel free to contact us. Here is a list of insurances we provide to our customers:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Medicare

We will help you leave all your worries aside and you can trust us completely. We thrive to deliver the best results in the market and our services have helped us achieve the brand name we have today.

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