Take control of your career like never before.

The days of selling insurance, the old ways are long gone. With Uniquote, you can sell insurance just the way you want.

Whenever you receive a call, a pre-qualified lead will be seeking your assistance for making the right choice.

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The insurance platform that works for you.

UniQuote is more than just an insurance company. Our company focuses on bringing forth the right value for your customers. Working with some of the finest software engineers, data scientists, and expert professionals, we have properly curated the platform for you and your customers.

Working together, we can provide the right assistance to the customer who genuinely requires help making the right choice. You have the flexibility to choose a plethora of niches within the domain of insurance. You can either go with health, Medicare, auto, life, or even altogether at once.

Assist prequalified leads

Each of your customers goes through our qualified guide and then redirected to you over call.

More state license equals more calls

The more state licenses you acquire, the more calls you can get. We only provide calls from shoppers of your licensed states.

Free inbound calls

We work day and night to ensure that no matter what, you get calls coming on your way.

Our platform works for you

Never forget to keep track of your success, because we do. Get optimized scripts along with all the compensations.

Refer and earn bonuses

Once you start inviting your friends, you can get assured bonus after their very first call.

Unlike the rest

UniQuote is nothing like anything you have seen before. We’re not like the others you’ve worked with before.

The perfect platform for agents.

Our platform is properly curated to help agents to provide timely quotes to the customers. Every single month, we help hundreds of insurance shoppers connect with the right insurance agent. You will be getting enough traffic your agency can handle. The only task left for you is to write the policies.

Sell insurances at the comfort of your home.

The era for insurance agents to chase after leads and traveling is over. Being a UniQuote’s insurance agent, you can sell insurance at the comfort of your home. So, instead of traveling halfway across the country, paying for the leads, or even making cold calls, you can focus on what you do the best. And that is closing the sale.

Being our insurance agent, we can assist you while connecting with some of the largest insurance companies throughout the nation. With a plethora of options to choose from, you can help your customer choose the right insurance and make the purchase. Whether you are an insurance veteran or someone just starting, we have got you covered.

Our hunt continues for passion and insurance licenses.


If you have the right skillset to peek into the minds of others and connect with them instantaneously, this is just the right job for you. You can build your own business in the comfort of your home, working on your designated schedule. When working as our insurance agent, only the sky is the limit.

  • One of the perquisites includes having an insurance agent license. All of our top insurance agents carry licenses from multiple states.
  • Your charism and likeability are what going to influence your customer.
  • Having a clear understanding of what does it take to close a deal in a single call. You need to quickly take control and answer transparently to your customers.
  • Helping people find the right insurance should be your biggest reward.
  • Your hunger to learn more is always welcomed.
  • You need to grasp inside out of every other insurance to overcome the challenges that come forth for an agent.
  • Your positive attitude is going to make an initial impression on your customers.
  • Every call should have the same enthusiasm even when the customer says NO.

Diving deeper into insurance sales calls.

You will be representing some of the top insurance companies throughout the nation while selling an insurance policy to the customer. Your customers can be creative at times and create some of the stops for inbound leads. It is your task to work your magic around the same while converting them into happy customers.

On every other call, you will be the face of our clients and the voice of their brands. Your task includes achieving sales goals while bringing forth customer loyalty. The whole idea behind an insurance call is not just to close a single sale, but make them your customers for life. As an agent working from home, you shall be provided with all the study materials as well as proper guidance before you make the first call. So, if you are willing to grab the opportunity Uniquote is just the right place for you.

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