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What is debt relief?

Debt relief is waving off some part of the debt or the total that you cannot handle to pay due to high-interest rates or accumulated outstanding amount. 

Debt Relief

We help you negotiate with the concerned lender by paying-off some lump sum amount of it and reducing the burden. In another case, we reduce the rate of interest for you to pay by settling with the lender on your behalf.

If you stopped your debt payments from the past few months and you think you cannot handle it anymore, debt relief is the best way to settle it with them.

We have two options for your debt relief. One is lending you a hand to restart paying the outstanding loan with high interest. Here we pay some money from our side and settle down the debt to lessen the burden amount or shorten the term. Still, you may have to pay high interest on the outstanding amount. This yet depends on the type of loan you have taken from the lender.

Another option is to wave off all your high interest in paying loans by taking one single low-interest loan from us. This mitigates the monthly leak of money for high-interest rates.

It is better to float in water than to sink. We do better, jump-in to our lifeboat. Talk to us now.

Either way, you can get benefitted from more time to pay the loan or can lessen the outstanding amount on the whole. By lessening the interest rates, you can find your financial confidence back into your life.

How does debt relief work?

Debt relief is a method of debt restructuring done by the creditors to avoid the overall credit risk. When you are not able to pay the debt due to the interim financial crisis, you can opt for a refinance over the existing loan and reduce the financial risks.

We, at UniQuote, will settle down the outstanding amount with the creditor providing you with better affordable interest rates. For this, the company will require your documents that would prove the authenticity of the assets you own.

The company then analyzes and verify the respective documents related to the loan and underlying assets. Once you are confirmed to be eligible, we would refinance the loan and adjust it for lower interest rates.

Debt consolidation – It is not easy to pay multiple credit card bills to pay monthly with different interest rates. Under debt consolidation, The company will pay all the bills for you by keeping you under one single low-interest loan. 

It is always better to pay a single loan with a single interest rather than paying multiple loans at once. The list of bills can freak you out for the same. That’s why a single bill is always better.

Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) – Debt relief covers home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. This type of loan is deductible for taxpayers who want to itemize their deductions. 

Consolidation of student loans – For a student with multiple loans by the time he graduates is a stressful task for any fresher. We, at UniQuote, help students in consolidating all the loans into a single loan by providing the best available options. The eligible amount of the loan depends on the yearly college expenses of the student. It noticeably differs from college to college.

Consumer debt – If you bought a few products for your personal or household purpose under finance and are still paying for them, debt relief will come to rescue.

The company will help you mitigate the debt by speaking to the creditors and discussing debt-relief measures with them. The settlement discussion includes restructuring of loans, or loan forgiveness, or declaring bankruptcy. 

This is how the debt relief program works with:

Step 1. Reviewing your situation

Every financial problem is differently complex. The company understand the situation clearly through FREE Consultation and review your eligibility for the best solution.

Step 2. Crafting the best solution for your crisis

The company will craft the best solution to your situation so that you can get out of the situation in peace.

Step 3: Saving your funds to settle the loans

Make monthly deposits into a dedicated FDIC insured savings accounts to prove authenticity in the next step.

Step 4: Negotiation with the creditors on your behalf

As the savings pile up in the FDIC account, The company will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf to reduce the outstanding amount of the loan.

With the debt relief program, you can entirely focus on paying the loan with lower interest rates for a longer period. The company will take care of the rest of the situation for you. 

Is debt settlement a good idea?

Why not! Why go bankrupt when you can secure the credit score for the rest of your life. Debt relief is not just useful for individuals like you. It is also helpful for organizations and even nations. When you are not irresponsible with your financial decisions, it is never a bad idea. 

If you have any more doubts about the debt relief service, do not hesitate to speak with us.

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