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All thanks to the solar tax credit, an average person can save at least $5000. Before its expiry in 2022, next year it is going to drop by 22%.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Going Solar

How exactly the solar panel systems operate?

Although understanding solar panels is not rocket science, but it is pretty close to that. Using the photovoltaic effect, the semiconductors generate electricity. In other words, when solar panels are exposed to sunlight, they generate DC (Direct Current) electricity. The only downside is that all of the outlets within our home uses AC (Alternating Current). So, once you go solar, you also need to install a solar inverter, which can convert DC to AC. All of the installations are done from our side. 

Solar Panels

How much can we save from solar?

When it comes to installing solar panels, you can save thousands of dollars in the electricity bill over the entire life span of the system. Although for the exact amount, it completely depends on how often you use your solar panels. Some of the other factors include your electricity bills, the electricity generated from the panels as well as the incentives available in your locality. To get better estimates, make sure to look into our custom solar panel quotes. 

Is solar panel affordable, and what exactly is the cost of going solar?

Over the last decade, the overall cost of installing solar panels has gone down drastically. It is 70% cheaper than what you would get around 2010. As of today, any homeowner can avail of the benefits of the solar panel at around $10,000 to $20,000. But, the overall cost varies depending on the area you live in, incentives available as well as the equipment you prefer to install. Further including, there are also financing options from us. And over a few years, the cost can compensate for your electricity bills. 

What is the exact number of solar panels I need?

For the majority of the households, the total number of solar panels ranges from 10 to 40. This is particularly because there is no one size fit solution for every home. Depending on your energy expenditure and the space available, the number of panels varies. For the majority, the larger the system, the more you can save on electricity. 

What is the significance of solar battery?

Solar batteries are some of the handy add-ons you can connect with your solar panel. However, it is not a necessity. For the majority of the times, the solar panels are connected to the grids, which means when the panels are not generating electricity, you can still meet your requirements. Solar batteries are most effective if you live in an area prone to battery outage. 

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