A home security system safeguards your house and prevents it from invasions. It secures all the entry points such as doors, windows, etc. It prevents outside forces from entering your house. Whenever an intruder tries to enter your home, the security alert alarm will trip and will inform the law enforcement authorities about the same.

What is a Home Security System?

A home security system is a comprehensive electronic system that consists of responsive motion sensors that communicate with a central control panel. This extensive cluster of electric components work together to prevent your home from potential intrusions. Some of the important components of a home security system are mentioned below:

Security cameras
Siren or alarm
Entry point sensors
Yard signs and window stickers
Video doorbells
Control panel
Interior and exterior motion sensors
Glass-break sensors

How Does a Home Security System Work?

By now, you are aware that to safeguard your house, a home security system employs a comprehensive set of motion sensors, video cameras and control panels. These elements work in co-ordination with each other to keep your home safe and secure. Let us see how each of these elements contribute to the safety of your house.


Sensors are placed both outside as well as inside the house. They perform the important task of alerting the control panel about a potential breach. The control panel then trips the alarm, informing the security officers or homeowners about the security threat.

Control Panels

Control Panels are the central commanding unit of the security system. Only authorized personals can operate a control panel to arm or disarm the alarms. This arming or disarming is performed only after successfully verifying unique passcodes and voice commands.

Door or Window Sensors

The window or door sensors consist of two components. The first is installed on the actual door whereas the second is positioned over the door frame or window sill. They are placed such that they touch each other to create an electric circuit when the door or window is closed. If this circuit gets broken due to any reason, it will notify the same to the control panel which will, in turn, sound the alarm. The glass break sensors also work in a similar manner.


Floodlights safeguard a home’s exterior. They work similar to motion sensors. There is just one difference. They do not cause the alarm to ring when they get tripped. But they flood the area with light. The lights are meant to scare off the intruders. They will also alert the homeowners about the intrusion.
Video Doorbells and Cameras
Cameras and video doorbells enable you to keep an eye on what’s happening outside your house. You can use yard signs and stickers as a warning sign to discourage potential invaders.

Why You Need a Home Security System?

Installing a home security system has been proved to reduce the potential threat of burglary at your house. A survey reports that every 13 seconds a home burglary occurs in the U.S. Every year, millions of Americans report at least one crime in or around their house. In about 28% of home burglaries, one or more family members was present at the crime scene. Over seven percent people suffering from burglaries suffered some form of violence. You will be surprised to learn that only 13% of burglary reports are ever solved.
Home security systems ensure a safe atmosphere for your family. They protect your loved ones from any potential threats of violent crimes. Security systems are said to be the most effective methods to prevent thieves from entering the house, ensuring the safety and security of your belongings.

Home Security System Cost

The high-tech home security systems enable professional monitoring of your home. It mobilizes the security forces to safeguard your house in cases when you are not capable of reporting a breach. You can get these remarkable home security systems for as less as $33.29 per month.

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