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What is Car insurance?

It is an agreement signed between the customer and the insurance company. The company is liable to pay for various financial losses that occurred due to a car accident, in return for the premium paid by the customer.

The insurance company provides compensation for different financial losses. It includes repairing of the damaged vehicles, medical treatment of the people injured in the accident, and funeral expenses in case of casualties. Sometimes other expenses may also get included as per the defined policies.

The rising levels of road traffic and the consequent increase in the frequency of road accidents has become a challenge to financial security. The losses of life and property involved in a car accident are difficult to be managed at a personal level. With a car or automobile loss, you are ruined in a way if you do not have any backup like an example. In the case of casualties involved in an accident, the compensations to be paid are very high and poses a great danger to one’s financial security. It means a lot to have a personal vehicle to a middle-class person. Due to the existence of such possibilities, having car insurance is beneficial in coping with these challenges.

Therefore, basic personal auto insurance is mandatory in most of the U.S. states, while the laws defining them vary. Auto insurance schemes can be customized personally to suit one’s exact needs and budget. You can easily choose what you looking for just by contacting a good and wise company agent or by an online site.

The policies are generally available for a six month or one-year time-frame and can be renewed.


What car insurance covers?

There are different types of car insurance coverages are available. These help you to cope with the situation that arises in case of a car accident. 

Liability Coverage

It can be defined as something that provides us with the legal assurance. This kind of coverage is mandatory in most states. Liability is further available in two different components:

Bodily injury liability helps to pay for another person’s injuries in case of an accident. The insurance not only deals with and pays just for the loss of the car. It equally takes care of the loss of anybody involved in the accident.

Property damage liability to pay for another person’s property losses caused due to the accident is included. So that it is always trustworthy for all.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

These kinds of insurance coverages help to pay your medical and vehicle repair bills.

In case you are hit by an underinsured or uninsured car. These are mandatory in some states while optional in others. But one should always consider and take the insurances including this.

Comprehensive Coverage

This type of coverage helps to cover the damages to your car in certain situations such as theft, fire, hail, or vandalism. Natural disasters and even damages caused by animals all are included. If your vehicle is damaged in any such scenarios, then the coverage will help you get your car repaired or even get replaced. This is generally kept optional in most of the states but your lender may feel it to be necessary if you are leasing or paying off your vehicle. However, medical expenses are not covered in this coverage. So there is no pay for body damage.

Collision Coverage

If you met with an accident with a vehicle or your car collides with any other object such as a tree or a wall, then the insurance coverage helps you get your car repaired or even get replaced.

In such a case, you may need to pay some amount which is called the deductible. 

Collision cases are quite specific, so already have known about it. It’s pretty clear that it excludes all the damages caused when you are “not driving ”. And the damage caused by your vehicle to another vehicle is also not considered. Again no medical bills are paid off. All this is up to you. This type of insurance coverage is usually kept optional as the comprehensive coverage but might have to be required by the lender.

Medical Payments Coverage

This insurance coverage may help you pay for the medical expenses of the injured passengers who were traveling in the car in case of an accident. All the expenses incurred during the complete treatment are included and considered. If the injured pays out on his own then the company refunds all the incurred expenses.  Covered expenses may include costs such as hospital visits, X – rays, surgery, operation, etc. So it is one of the most prominent coverages among all because that’s something you will require as financial help for your medical treatment and loss.

Personal Injury Protection

This insurance is not available in all the states. Its functioning is confined to some states only. This coverage is similar to the medical payments coverage, but in addition to that, it covers further expenses incurred due to injuries. This policy includes child care expenses or lost income. The claim includes all kinds of important expenses – the wages of the injured.


How to compare auto insurance?

The first and the foremost thing that you look for in a company is authenticity. Whatever benefits they are giving, are of no use unless the organization is authentic and there is integrity in its functioning.  There are many companies and institutions out there which are unauthentic and completely back-offs whenever the time of claim comes. There is no legitimacy available. Besides that, there has to be present a certain level of transparency in the policies as well as the working of the insurance company. Then only, it gains credibility amongst the customers. Whether these qualities are present or not can be determined by several factors and also different companies can be compared on their basis. 

Why take the stress? Let us help you compare the best auto insurance policy available in your state. 

Here are some ways to compare car insurance companies and find your best match.

Compare Complaint Ratios

The companies lacking these qualities will always be subject to more complaints. It’s a good and very effective practice to check whether the institution is a good one or it is pretending to be one. Therefore, you can check their complaint records on the ‘National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC)’ website or your state’s insurance department website. You can reject the companies with a large number of complaints as they do not provide satisfactory customer service.

Compare the same coverage when comparing car insurance companies

The best way to save on your vehicle’s insurance is to pay for only what you need. That means only include all those things and work on the factors or needs that are beneficial and required. This may help you avoid paying for something unnecessary to you. For instance, if you already have good health insurance, you don’t need to pay extra for ‘Personal Injury Protection’. If you are having an old car, you need not pay for collision insurance. You must customize your plan according to your needs and budget to avoid wastages. 

Check for car insurance discounts

Before selecting the insurance policy, you must check out for potential car insurance discounts for things like bundling home and auto insurance. You should ask each insurance company for any other possible discounts so that the plan can be availed at the lowest possible rates.

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The company must stick to the agreement in all cases. The companies can be compared based on their commitment to the deals and contracts.


How can you get your Car Insurance?


There are several categories of customers who are deemed to pose a lesser risk to the premium revenue of insurance companies. Find out whether you are one among that category and if yes, ask for the discount(mostly 1 to 2% of premium). E.g, IT employees have a small favorable discount. Non-drinking/non-smoking owners too are eligible.

Online payments

Online renewals help you to get some additional discounts.

No claim bonus

Not claiming insurance in the previous insurance fiscal can help you get a handsome discount on the current year premium. This is to incentivize non-claims of insurance.

Security systems

Having an anti-theft alarm/engine immobilizer, etc., reduces the risk of theft and thus helps you lower the insurance premium.

If the car is already more than a year old, then reduce IDV

Insured Declared Value is the value against which the premium of the insurance is calculated. In case of a theft or total loss, this is the max value which the insurance company will refund you. If you are driving only between home and office, with both places having a secured parking facility, you can reduce the IDV during the next insurance renewal, thus reducing the premium.

Pay using credit cards

This is not to reduce the premium but delay it by another ~40 days. You shall consider that you have working capital merit of, say 0.04% interest (assuming 4% annual interest on savings account x 40 days. 

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