Sustainability is no longer an option but it has become the need of the hour. With widespread anthropogenic climate change, heavy loss in biodiversity and alarming pollution, sustainability is the key to a better future. You may think that as an individual your contribution is small but collectively, these small contributions can create a massive impact.
One such small contribution is switching to more sustainable products such as energy efficient windows. A study conducted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration claims that residential and commercial buildings account for 29% of energy consumption in the U.S., meaning that there is plenty of room for improvement in the sector.

Energy Efficient Windows

Something as small as switching to energy efficient windows can make a huge impact on environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint. The question that must be troubling most of you is that whether being an environmental fundamentalist will harm or help your pocket. You will be happy to learn that not only do these windows help the environment but they also increase your savings by reducing your dependence on conventional energy sources. Let us look at some more benefits that these gorgeous windows can bring your way.

Increase Your Savings

Energy efficient windows can lower down your energy bills by as much as 12%, meaning that you can save hundreds of dollars every year on power bills. However, these savings are subject to weather conditions and can vary from place-to-place. Furthermore, the insulating properties of these windows will reduce your dependence on heating or air conditioning systems, meaning lower energy consumption and thus in turn, putting more money into your pocket.
Temperature Regulation and Insulation
The insulation that these windows provide ensure better temperature regulation, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the year. They eliminate any hot or cold spots that might be present in your room and act as a barrier between you and the harsh outside weather conditions, ensuring a pleasant and cozy environment for you.

Less Damage to Furniture

These wonder windows come with protective coatings that prevent sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your house. These harmful rays cause damage to delicate pieces of furniture such as wood, carpets, rugs, fabrics and paintings. The energy efficient windows, therefore, preserve these expensive products and increase their life. Studies claim that they can lower down the depreciation rate by up to 75%.

Healthier Living

Replacing your regular windows with energy efficient windows ensure a healthier lifestyle by reducing your dependence on artificial heating and cooling systems. They also shield you from the danger of UV rays. They also reduce condensation and keep humidity in-check.

More Durable: Require Fewer Repairs

One of the major concerns that people have with respect to switching to energy efficient windows is the attached cost. However, in the long run these windows do more good than harm. These windows are extremely durable and can last for decades. They will also increase the upfront appeal and value of your house.
Additionally, these windows require lesser maintenance as there is lower risk of mold occurrence because of reduced condensation. Moreover, the windows automatically eliminate any dirt or water build-up on the outside, thanks to the window coating.

Good for Environment

The energy efficient windows can reduce your carbon footprint by 12%. They lower your dependence on air conditioning, thus resulting in lesser power consumption. They are a smart investment towards a greener and more sustainable future, a big win-win for both the environment as well as your finances..

Increased Natural Light

One of the biggest advantages of replacing your normal windows with the energy efficient windows is that they make room for more transparency, thus, allowing more light to pass through. The fact that they make room for higher illumination while preventing any additional heat gain makes these windows a must have change in your house.

Tip: Summer is the Best Time to Switch to Energy Efficient Windows

While there is no such thing as a bad time to replace your old windows, early summer seems to be the best time for the job. The reason behind the same is that the temperature conditions are apt to adapt and adjust to the new energy efficient living. Just think about all the money you will be saving by making this great investment.

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